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I’m Charbel, serial founder and father to a number of brands over the years. Often Human is a place where I ponder publicly and write about the world as I see it, and also share content from the world is it’s seen by others.

My current projects include:

  • Faster Zebra, a school of the future that teaches emerging skills in design, tech, marketing and more.

  • Alt Saints, superheroes for the planet, relaunching in 2024.

  • Planet Neo, an imaginary world of brands, stories and brands, relaunching in 2024.

Enter my world, a world where I’ll share ideas and where you’ll meet leaders, creators and doers who are recreating reality inside us and around us, improving life for people and the planet we share. Join us for chats about life, work, learning, failing and pushing past the limits of our minds.

Sometimes superheroes; more often, human.

Over the coming months, I’ll be bringing co-hosts and guests to breathe life into this newsletter and bring you the Often Human Podcast.

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Often Human: a world exploring ideas & meet leaders, creators and doers who are creating reality inside us and around us, improving life for people and planet, pushing us past our limits. From the founder of Faster Zebra, Alt Saints and more coming.


Creator of brands & experiences to improve all life. Founder of Faster Zebra, Velvet Onion, Alt Saints and more. Learn, Play, Watch, Grow.